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The Social Network
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Watch The Social Network Online

Drama films have a good following nowadays as we get involved with such movies because of our own experiences. Sometimes, the subject of such movies inspires us and at other times, it takes us back to those times where we have lived part of it. There have been a lot of popular movies in this category and one such movie is The Social Network. If you have not watched it till now, then do watch The Social Network online and even if you have already watched it, there is no harm in doing so again and yet again because this movie is a wonderful treat for your senses.
This movie is about Mark Zuckerberg, who is a Harvard student (2003). His girlfriend Erica dumps him. He gets drunk and then comes back to his dorm in same situation. He sits down on the system and puts up a scathing blog entry. This blog entry inspires him for creating Facemash, an on-campus website that would let users to rate female students on their attractiveness. The photographs used are obtained from various systems of university.
The increased traffic on Facemash results in crashing some parts of Harvard’s network and this leads to academic probation lasting for 6 months for Mark. But the popularity of Facemash as well as the fact that it was created in just one night, that too when Mark was drunk, brings Mark into Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss and Divya Narendra’s attention. Mark is invited by Winklevoss twins to their club and Mark accepts to be the programmer of a dating website that would be exclusive to alumni of Harvard and be called Harvard Connection.
Mark goes to Eduardo, his friend and shares with him the idea about online social networking sit, “Thefacebook”. He goes on to tell that the site would bring similar popularity as that of FaceMash. However, since joining the site would be consensual, this would help avoiding ethical issues that were faced by the earlier website. Eduardo gives Mark $1,000 for starting the site. Furthermore, they both distribute the link at Phoenix S-K club. The popularity increases a lot in student body. As the news about “Thefacebook” reaches the ears of Narendra and Winklevoss twins, they think that Mark has stolen the idea from them. Tyler and Divya think about suing Mark but Cameron does not want to do so, instead talks them out to settle this entire matter as “Gentlemen of Harvard”.
Bill Gates delivers a visiting lecture and Christy Lee along with Alice, her friend, introduces themselves to Mark and Eduardo during the lecture. She asks both of them to “Facebook me”. The boys are impressed by this phrase and are invited to a bar by Christy. Mark meets Erica there and she does not know about Thefacebook since she is not Harvard’s student. This leads Mark to incorporate Stanford University, Columbia University as well as Yale University students and expanding the website. Of course the popularity grows immensely and Narendra and Winklevoss twins watch their idea gaining such popularity without them as a part of it.
So what would they do about the website of Mark? Would they finally sue him? For such answers, watch The Social Network online!