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Drive Angry
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Watch Drive Angry Online

Action movies might not be a pick of everyone, especially girls. However, with changing times, everyone has started developing a taste in this genre now and it is really picking pace with the fan following. With so many movies being released under this category, the choice of watching is immense. So, if you too are looking for a fast-paced action packed movie, then you should watch Drive Angry online.
The setting of this movie is in Colorado, where John Milton is questioning the sole survivor of a car wreck that he caused. John is seeking the leader of Satanic cult, Jonah King, who has murdered John’s daughter and taken off with her baby. Within 3 days, King will sacrifice the child as the clock strikes 12 of the night. The man reveals location of Jonah and John leaves for Louisiana in search of his grandchild. He is followed by a man in suit who calls himself “The Accountant”.
John comes across a waitress in some diner in Oklahoma whose name is Piper. She gives him a ride and drops John off. Then she goes to Frank’s house, his fiancé and discovers him engaged in sex with some other woman. Piper fights with the woman and then has an argument with Frank. He decides to pulverize Piper. John rescues her and knocks Frank out. The Accountant reaches Frank’s house later since he is looking for John. Frank is angry about this and attacks the Accountant, but is killed with baseball bat. As police arrives, the Accountant shows his FBI badge and asks assistance in locating John who seems to be an escaped convict.
Piper and John stay at a roadside motel for the night. Piper spots Jonah and he orders his followers to kill John. John, on the other hand, is having sex with some waitress and kills most of the men without stopping and the final one is killed by Piper. The police and Accountant reach there to find John. The officers are killed and John and Piper escape.
The Accountant is in hot pursuit but gets shot by John. The Accountant loses control of his car and this results in a crash. Piper does not want to do anything about this situation but still agrees to assist John in searching his grandchild. As they continue down the road, Piper and John reach a church where Jonah has the child. A struggle ensues and John is shot in the eye. Jonah leaves John to die and takes Piper along.
So, now the question is, would John die? What is the fate of his grandchild? What would become of Piper who is involved without any reasons? Would Jonah succeed in killing them all? The exact outcome can be seen only when you would watch Drive Angry online. So just get your gears together and enjoy watching this movie and the action that would keep you on the edge of your seat. For sure you would love to watch this movie again and again.