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Watch Avatar Online

One of those few movies that can be classified as greatest all-timers, Avatar set records rolling around the globe and those who have not seen this movie, surely missed on something very important. If you have not yet seen this movie, or wish to revisit the experience, then watch Avatar online now.

Avatar is one of the most successful epic science fiction that blurs the line between real and fantasy. It goes beyond the superficial elements and lets you believe that some alien life and world does exist and we are witnessing it in real.

Humans have excessively depleted the natural resources by 2148. Now it is 2154 and RDA Corporation is mining unobtanium, a valuable mineral, on Pandora that is a habitable moon in Alpha Centauri. The atmosphere is poisonous for humans. However, Na’vi inhabitants live their without any trouble. They are 10 foot tall sapient humanoids who have blue skin. They worship Eywa, mother goddess, and are harmonious with nature.

Scientists are using Na’vi-human hybrids for exploring biosphere of Pandora and they call these hybrids ‘Avatars’. A paraplegic ex-marine, Jake Sully, replaces his dead twin and operates one of the Avatars. The head of Avatar program, Dr. Grace Augustine does not find this replacement as adequate and hence assigns Sully as bodyguard. During the process of protecting scientist Norm Spellman and avatars of Grace, Jake’s avatar faces attack by thanator and has to flee to forest. Here, Jake’s avatar is rescued by a female Na’vi Neytiri.

Neytiri sees auspicious portent and takes him to clan and there the spiritual leader/ mother of Neytiri, Mo’at orders her daughter for initiating Jake into the society they themselves belong to.

It is very highly advised that you watch Avatar online instead of reading the plot of this movie. It is because the movie is a whole different experience and you will probably never come across such an epic again.

Jake is promised restoration of his legs if he is able to intelligence related to Na’vi and their gathering place, “Hometree”. Quaritch, head of private security of RDA tells Jake that Hometree is standing on richest Unobtanium deposit. As this comes to the knowledge of Grace, she transfers Jake, Norm and herself to outpost. Jake stays with Na’vi clan for three months, but during this time, he starts sympathizing with the natives. It goes as far as Jake and Neytiri choosing each other mates. Now the allegiance of Jake transfers fast to Na’vi people and he shows this by going against orders of Quaritch.

So, what happens next? Is Jake killed? Do, Na’vi people find out the trust of Jake? Is the Hometree destroyed? Such questions and many others would be answered if you watch Avatar online. Remember that reading the plot of movie would not be able to bind you and link you to the roots of this movie. You need to experience it by seeing, hearing and then connecting to this movie. So, avoid reading the end of this movie. Instead watch it.