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The Island (2005) Full Movie

The Island    

PG-13 136 min ActionAdventureScience FictionThriller

IMDB: 6.9/10 254,299 votes

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1 win & 6 nominations.


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One of the science fiction thriller movies that may interest you a lot is The Island and you might want to watch The Island online. The story revolves around a population living in a compound which is totally isolated from outer world because of some deadly pathogen contamination. But one of them searches within his thoughts to know that something exists beyond the compound.

Lincoln Six Echo has been living in some isolated compound that regulates the lives of its inhabitants quite strictly. They all look forward a lottery that leads to relocation of the winner to ‘The Island’ which is said to be the only contamination free place on Earth. Lincoln speaks out loud about him not liking the plain white clothes as well as strict social controls and regulations to Dr. Merrick. Dr. Merrick, on the other hand, is quite concerned about a recurring dream of Lincoln that revolves around some unfamiliar items and a speedboat. This leads to Merrick putting probes inside Lincoln for accounting cerebral activities.

Lincoln has a friend James McCord who is a technician and works in power plant basement. While he illicitly visits James, he ends up discovering a moth that is alive in ventilation shaft. This results in deduction that the outer environment is not contaminated. He catches the moth and then lets it free and follows it into some other section. There he sees that 2 of the so-called lottery winners are killed; one soon after the birth of a child and the second during liver harvest. However, soon security find out that Lincoln is missing and now he is in unauthorized section of compound. The search begins.

Instead of reading the story, it would be better to watch The Island online and experience the thrill. The movie continues as Jordan Two Delta, a friend of Lincoln, wins lottery. Lincoln rescues her and Merrick deduces that now Lincoln has started realizing the truth. They both find out that The Island as well as contamination stories are nothing but myth. They keep eluding the security and find out that every inhabitant of the compound is clone of some wealthy sponsor. They wish to use clones for surrogate motherhood or organ harvesting. Due to advance technologies of Merrick, the clones directly incubate to adulthood.

Jordan and Lincoln escape and find out that they are clones of Sarah Jordan (who is in coma) and Tom Lincoln. Though Sarah cannot help them because of her conditions, Tom assures them of help by exposing entire set up. However, he turns up against them as he contacts Merrick and tells the truth. As mercenaries of Merrick arrive at Tom’s place, Lincoln tricks them to kill Tom and he replaces Tom, assuming his identity. With this, it is shown that some of the memories of Tom were inherited by Lincoln. As Merrick comes to know about it, he decides to eliminate all the clones, fearing they may also inherit such memories.

So, whether or not all the clones are saved, you need to find this out yourself and for that you need to watch The island online.

The Island (2005) Full Movie
The Island (2005) Full Movie
The Island (2005) Full Movie
The Island (2005) Full Movie
The Island (2005) Full Movie
The Island (2005) Full Movie
The Island (2005) Full Movie
The Island (2005) Full Movie
The Island (2005) Full Movie
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