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The Eagle (2011) Full Movie

The Eagle    

PG-13 114 min AdventureDrama

IMDB: 6.2/10 50,793 votes


1 nomination.

UK, USA, Hungary

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Some of the historical epic movies are super hits of all times. People like such movies so much so that nothing stops them from watching such movies again and again. Though there are so many movies worth watching, one that is in the toppers of this list is The Eagle. You should watch The Eagle online.

The year is 140 AD, which falls 20 years after disappearance of Ninth Legion in north of Britain. A young Roman, Marcus Flavius reaches Britain for serving his post as garrison commander. The father of Marcus had disappeared with eagle standard and now Marcus wishes to restore the honor of his family by serving Britain bravely. In a short while, the ability of make good decisions and his alertness saves garrison when a confrontation with Celtic tribesmen happens. For his bravery, Marcus is decorated. But he is honorably discharged because his leg is injured severely.

Marcus goes to southern Britain to live with his uncle who has an estate in near Calleva. Now he is coping with short-lived military career as well as disrepute attached to his father’s name. There are rumors about eagle standard being seen in north of Britain. So, Marcus makes up his mind about finding it. His uncle warns him as well as m any fellow Romans as they think that no Roman can survive Hadrian’s Wall. Still Marcus travels into the territory with the company of Esca, a British slave. Esca is the son of chieftain of Brigantes and he detests Rome. However, he considers himself to be bound to master as he saved Esca’s life.

Marcus and Esca come across Guern after travelling for weeks through northern wilderness. He is a survivor of Ninth Legion and tells that only a few deserters survived in the ambush. Among those killed, Brigantes are also included and that Seal People took away the eagle standard. This tribe is known to be the most vicious one of all. As they both continue to travel due north, they are discovered by Seal People. Esca tells them that he is chieftain’s son and that Marcus is a slave of his. The tribe welcomes Esca and Marcus is mistreated by the Seal People. Eventually, Esca reveals that he only wanted to help his master in search of the eagle and that all this was a ploy.

They retrieve the eagle but several warriors ambush them, including the father of Seal Prince. However, Esca and Marcus kill them all and successfully take with eagle standard with them. They manage to get out of the village of the Seal People, with assistance from Prince’s younger son. The Seal people pursue both of them as they try to reach Hadrian’s Wall. But Marcus’ wounds show effect and he is slowed down.

So, would Marcus die? How would honor be restored to his father? Would the eagle standard reach back to its final destination? For all such answers, just go and watch The Eagle online and you would be amazed to see the series of action, excitement and thrill that follows!

The Eagle (2011) Full Movie
The Eagle (2011) Full Movie
The Eagle (2011) Full Movie
The Eagle (2011) Full Movie
The Eagle (2011) Full Movie
The Eagle (2011) Full Movie
The Eagle (2011) Full Movie
The Eagle (2011) Full Movie
The Eagle (2011) Full Movie
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