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16 Wishes (2010) Full Movie

16 Wishes    

G 90 min DramaFamilyFantasy

IMDB: 5.6/10 6,788 votes

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1 win & 1 nomination.

Canada, USA

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Every one of you would be able to connect to this movie. Hence, you must watch 16 wishes online. It is one movie that has been made on a very common theme; teenage. We all have wishes as we grow and we feel that 16 is the age, when we should be treated as prince/princess. So, watch this story of such a girl Abby, who is turning 16 and has a list of wishes, she wants to come true.

Abigail Louise ‘Abby’ is like any other girl. She wishes she could grow up quickly. All these years, she had been making plans for sweet 16. Furthermore, she has made a wish list. On her 16th birthday, she puts in one last wish; her crush Logan’s photo making it a total f 16 wishes.

This is the time when her life turns unexpectedly. Peculiar things start to happen and a woman known as Celeste keeps paying visits for some reason or another. Firstly, Celeste appears as exterminator because Abby’s family house is overrun by wasps that have been building their nest in attic all these 16 years. Now the Jensens can’t go back till the situation is cleared up. But Celeste somehow gets Abby’s wish list.

Jay Kepler is Abby’s best friend and as she can’t go to her house, he gives her a jacket for wearing over her pajamas. In one of the pockets, she finds a necklace as her birthday present from Jay, which is half heart and “BFF” written on it. The other half heart is with Jay that he has as charm of key ring. Abby and Jay reach their bus stop but a delivery truck just stops there and out comes Celeste, giving Abby a package. It has a matchbox and 16 candles.

Abby doesn’t want to ride in bus, so she wishes for a brand new car as she lights first candle. However, this is her 8th wish on list and instead, her first wish comes true, which is meeting hottest celebrity, Joey Lockhart. Now Abby understands that all 16 candles are for her wishes and every time she lights a candle, her wish comes true.

140 It is really not worth reading this story alone. Instead, you must watch 16 Wishes online and enjoy every second of this movie which may take you back to your sweet 16 too.

Now Celeste tells Abby that after midnight, all her wishes will be permanent. So, Abby is able to gain Logan’s attention, her dream car-a Ford Mustang. She even gets back at Krista Cook as she beats Krista in volleyball match. She is even elected as Present of Study Body even without sign up. She is suddenly popular, athletic and fashionable.

Now, Abby realizes that she has to have a perfect dress for the birthday party. So, she plans to go and buy one, taking Jay along, who wants to pay for the dress. Meanwhile, Krista gets suspicious about sudden luck of Abby and follows them.

So, does Krista ruin Abby’s birthday? Does Abby get all her 16 wishes? Does it all go good and as planned? For knowing more, watch 16 Wishes online.

16 Wishes (2010) Full Movie
16 Wishes (2010) Full Movie
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